Forget Nostalgia – A Little Theatre of Self

Edwardian scholars may be interested in the following exhibition, opening in November.

Clarisse’s d’Arcimoles’ second solo exhibition with BREESE LITTLE, Forget Nostalgia – A Little Theatre of Self will explore photography’s ability to trap and record time. By recreating Victorian photographs of anonymous sitters with herself as the subject, d’Arcimoles will use a variety of styles, characters, and backdrops to encourage the viewer to follow the historical photographic journey of women and their victories of emancipation.

d’Arcimoles will reconstruct a local photographer’s studio in Britain a century ago, creating a space in the gallery for the viewer to be transported into a full experience of photography’s unique representation of particular past events. The project will facilitate a re-discovery of photography, presenting it as a powerful critical tool of reality and history, resulting in very different ideas of space and of ‘being-in-the-photographic-world’.

These photographs will be framed within the context of the exhibition and also printed as postcards, with the intention of being remembered and studied as items of curiosity like their Victorian equivalents. The viewer is invited to suspend their disbelief in the reality of the photograph, considering instead the representational significance of the created icon.

The exhibition opens on the 20th November with a Victorian themed private view. An interview with the artist can be found in Issue 12 of Elephant Magazine.

For more information see here.

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