The Rest is Noise: Edwardian Visionaries


In 2007 Alex Ross wrote the seminal book The Rest Is Noise – listening to the Twentieth Century. Throughout 2013 the Southbank Centre aims to bring the book alive with nearly 100 concerts, performances, films, talks and debates. They will take you on a chronological journey through the most important music of the 20th century and dramatise the century’s massive political and social upheavals. The London Philharmonic Orchestra, providing over 30 concerts, is the backbone of this festival, which reveals the stories behind the rich, exhilarating and sometimes controversial compositions that have changed the way we listen forever.

Edwardian culture will feature throughout the series, including the ‘Here Comes the Twentieth Century Weekend’ (19th-20th January), ‘Edwardian Visionaries: Exploring Edwardian Culture’ (26th January) and ‘Songs My Mother Taught Me‘ (3rd February). Explore the ‘The Rest is Noise’ website for more details.

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