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Edwardian Opulence – Catalogue Review


Angus Trumble and Andrea Wolk Rager, ed. Edwardian Opulence: British Art at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century (Yale Center for British Art; Yale University Press, 2013).

The last couple of years have witnessed an upsurge of interest in art of the Edwardian era. Recent months have seen a special edition of Visual Culture in Britain dedicated to ‘Edwardian Art and its Legacies’, the launch of the Tate-based Camden Town Group in Context, and the first part of Yale’s Edwardian project, The Edwardian Sense (published in 2010). Now we have Edwardian Opulence, the four-hundred page catalogue to the exhibition currently showing at the Yale Center for British Art, and the culmination of a decade’s research into early twentieth-century British culture.

Long seen, in the wonderful words of Edwardian Opulence curators Angus Trumble and Andrea Wolk Rager, as ‘an indolent coda drifting behind the long Victorian era’, the first decade of the twentieth century has struggled for some time to find its own voice, with many commentators holding onto the cliché of the ‘long summer afternoon’ or the ‘country house garden party’. This trope has not been accepted by all: Samuel Hynes, in his 1968 book The Edwardian Turn of Mind, was one of the first to call attention to the darker undercurrents of the age – an idea taken up with gusto in the field of art history by the 1987 exhibition The Edwardian Era. Indeed, it is fair to see both of these as foundational texts to which this current influx of Edwardian surveys owe a large debt. The title – and bold, Boldini cover – of Edwardian Opulence, however, suggests a slight shift in interests. Continue reading

La Belle Epoque at Peterborough


A small exhibition ‘La Belle Epoque’: Edwardian Fashion, 1900-1914, has recently opened at Peterborough Musuem. According to the curators “this exhibition is an absolute must for all lovers of fashion! Rarely seen items from the museum’s collection will be elegantly displayed to create a snapshot of Peterborough life before the Great War changed the city forever. Explore an iconic decade of changing silhouettes, elegant lines, tall starched collars and wide-brimmed hats”. The exhibition also “guest stars the wardrobe of the award winning ITV drama, Downton Abbey” and a ‘costume worn by Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland”.

The exhibition runs until the 6th May 2013.

Beyond the Garden Party: Update


As you may know, registration is now open for our inaugural conference ‘Beyond the Garden Party: Re-Thinking Edwardian Culture’. The fee for this two-day conference is only £10, which includes lunch on both days and a wine reception on the second day. A schedule can be found below. Accomodation and travel information can be found here. Registration will close at the end of March, so please register soon! Continue reading