Leeds Talk: The Jewish and Yorkshire Identities of William Rothenstein


Crossing the Threshold: The Jewish and Yorkshire Identities of William Rothenstein

Talk by Dr. Samuel Shaw (University of York)

Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds

22 May 2013; 5.30-6.30pm

Using works featured in the exhibition, ‘Jewish Artists in Yorkshire’, this talk will explore the career of the influential British artist Sir William Rothenstein, who grew up in the large German-Jewish community based in nineteenth-century Bradford.

Though Rothenstein spent most of his career in London, he returned to Yorkshire frequently, and remained an important figure amongst Yorkshire-based artists, from Jacob Kramer to Henry Moore. He had, however, a complex relationship with his roots – one which extended to his Jewish identity.

Despite his liberal beliefs, which distanced him from many London-based Jews, between 1902-1908 he painted a series of works in the Jewish East End that would confirm him as one of the most important Anglo-Jewish artists of the period.

For more see the Leeds website.

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