Resource: Yellow Nineties Online

'Vanity' by D. Y. Cameron (The Yellow Book, Vol 13)

‘Vanity’ by D. Y. Cameron (The Yellow Book, Vol 13)

Links between 1890s and 1900s culture have often been obscured by our tendency towards strict periodisation, as if the deaths of Oscar Wilde and Queen Victoria in 1900 and 1901 signalled an abrupt end to both the Victorian era and its late flowering, the so-called fin-de-siècle. And yet many of the key cultural figures of the Edwardian period first rose to prominence in the 1890s (H. G. Wells, W. B. Yeats and Walter Sickert, to name but a few). Max Beerbohm may have claimed to belong securely to the ‘Beardsley period’, but his greatest achievements, and greatest fame, came in the following decade. Furthermore, although the thirteenth and final volume of The Yellow Book (a ‘defining’ text of the period) was published in 1897, its legacy could be said to extend far into the Edwardian age.

On this basis, Edwardian scholars may be interested in the following online resource: the Yellow Nineties Online. The site not only contains links to the full text of all thirteen volumes of The Yellow Book, but a wealth of related material, including contemporary reviews, scholarly commentary, and short biographies of artists, writers and publishers. Highly recommended!

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