Programme: The Long Twentieth Century (1885-2008)

'The Twentieth Century' by C R Nevinson

‘The Twentieth Century’ by C R Nevinson

The Long Twentieth Century (1885-2008): Literature, Politics, Aesthetics

September 18th 2013; Department of English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths, University of London


9.00-9.15 Coffee and registration

9.15 Welcome

9.20-11.00 KEYNOTE, PROFESSOR JOSH COHEN, (Goldsmiths):

 ‘A Dark and Truncated Language’

Chair: Rick Crownshaw (Goldsmiths)


PANEL 1: The Space of Literature as Resistance 

Chair: Carole Sweeney (Goldsmiths)

Yasmine Shamma, (Oxford): ‘Resisting Conspicuous Consumption: The New York School’s Strategies.’

Basil Chiasson, (Memorial, Newfoundland): ‘Instrumental reason, the politics of speeding up in the long twentieth century and the possibility of literary ‘decelerations.’

Maria Kalantzopoulou, (Paris): ‘Literature as Democracy and Its Limits: Literature as Politics and the Politics of Literature.’

12.30-1.30 LUNCH


PANEL 2: Fin de siècle to modernism 

Chair: Chris Baldick (Goldsmiths)

Mercedes Aguirre, (UCL): ‘In Defence of Culture’: The 1937 International Congress of Writers’

Meredith Miller, (Falmouth): ‘”In a Purely Scientific Journal”: Psychoanalysis, Modernism and the Retreat from the Real’.

Raluca Goleșteanu (Tadeusz Manteuffel Intitute, Warsaw: ‘Central and Eastern European Instances of the Concept of L’art pour l’art` in the Fin-de-Siècle’

3.15 tea/coffee break

PANEL 3: Gender, aesthetics, politics

Chair: Maria Lauret (Sussex)

Vicky Sparrow, (Birkbeck): ‘The Angry Brigade: Anna Mendelssohn’s poetics of the political’.

Frith Taylor, (independent scholar):‘Narrative Style as Subversion: The Politics of Aesthetics in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.’

Marketá Gebhartová (Tokyo and Prague)” “I have to live somewhere else I feel my othernesses”: women writers in 1970s and 1980s Czechoslovakia’.

4.30—6.00 KEYNOTE, PROFESSOR PAUL HAMILTON, (Queen Mary): ‘Exceptions’,

Chair: Lucia Boldrini (Goldsmiths)


This is a free event but you are required to register by emailing

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