Edwardian Update

'The Crystal Gazers' by Henry Tonks, c.1905

‘The Crystal Gazers’ by Henry Tonks, c.1905

As we enter a new academic year, it is worth reminding readers of the scope and ambitions of the Edwardian Culture Network. The main aim of this site is to keep scholars informed as to Edwardian-related conferences, exhibitions and publications; to draw attention the work of current researchers in the field; and to the list the multiple resources available for those studying the period 1895-1914, both online and off. We have our own timeline, and have recently started publishing ‘Edwardian Encounters’, a series of short essays. Reviews of new publications are also ongoing. Although the network started in the UK, as a partnership between the Universities of York and Durham, two of our founders are now based in Yale, making us a truly transatlantic network!

As well as linking to other people’s events, we also host our own annual conference, the second of which will be held on April 10-11th 2014 in Liverpool. If you are interested in presenting a paper, please see here. More information on this event will follow over the coming months.

If you would like to get involved in the network, please join our researcher’s list by e-mailing us at edwardianculture@hotmail.co.uk. If you are interested in writing a review, short essay or blog post, or have information about an upcoming event, we would love to hear from you! Should you be so inclined, you can also ‘like’ us on facebook.

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