Edwardian Premonitions and Echoes – Final Schedule


[UPDATED: 08/04/14]

Our second annual conference will take place later this week in Liverpool. The schedule is as follows:

THURSDAY 10th April

Registration 9.00-9.45

Introduction 9.45-10.15

Panel One: Empire and War 10.15-12.25 (chair: Harry Wood)

Paul Stocker – The Imperial Spirit: The Edwardian Era, Empire and British Fascism

Andrew Glazzard – “And Now I Build Destroyers!” The Economics of War in Edwardian Fiction

Michael Robinson – Perceptions of the Irish soldier during the time of the Great War: A Victorian and Edwardian Legacy of Anti-Irish Prejudice

Patrick Longson – Before the German Menace: British Imperial Anxiety before 1896

Lunch: 12.25-1.15

Panel Two: Art and Conquest 1.15-2.45 (chair: Nicholas Bubak)

Robert Brown – Painted Geisha’s or ‘Coloured Conquest’? : Edwardian exhibitions and the Japanese Empire.

Melanie Polledri – The Imperial Stage: British sculptural representations of its Colonised Peoples following the Victorian Scramble for Africa

Samuel Shaw – Aliens at Prayer: The Representation of Jewish Life in London’s East End c.1905

Tea: 2.45-3.15

Panel Three: Criticism and Tradition 3.15-4.45 (chair: Richard Huzzey)

Sarah Shaw – ‘To find an Open Sesame wherever true literature is valued’: Edwardian Readers and the Literary-Critical Pilgrimage

Sophie Martin – A Rhetoric of Newness and continuity in Edwardian Art Criticism

Kathryn Lamontagne – Maude Petre: Modernism, Domesticity, and Damnation for the ‘New Woman’ in Catholic Britain?


FRIDAY 11th April

Registration: 9.00-9.45

Panel Four: The Neo-Edwardian 9.45-12.15 (chairs: Sarah Shaw and Samuel Shaw)

Jack Sargent – “A Secret Throb of Colour”: Contemporary Gay Nostalgia for the Edwardian Country House in Alan Hollinghurst’sThe Stranger’s Child’

Ben Roberts – Civic ritual, public festivity and Edwardian event fatigue: setting an example for twenty-first century national celebrations

[short comfort break]

Margaret Stetz – John S. Goodall and the Politics of Late-Twentieth-Century Edwardianism for Children

Julia Gillen – Writing Edwardian postcards: a revolutionary social networking phenomenon

Ian Miller – Medical Ethics and Hunger Strike Management: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Lunch: 12.15-1.00

Panel Five: Periodisation and Performance 1.00-2.30 (chairs: Emily Trafford and Andrew Glazzard)

Rosie Šnajdr – Cultural Revisions based in Predictions: How the War shaped Pre-War Culture in Britain

Sally Bruce-Lockhart – Between the Wars: The Edwardian Era as the Middle Coda between the Boer War and 1939

Viv Gardner – From Matinee Hats and the K.O.W. Brigade to Flapper Furies: responses to the ‘feminisation’ of theatre spectatorship, 1900-1918

Tea: 3.35-4.00

Keynote: 4.00-5.00: Jonathan Wild – Driving the Twentieth Century: The Emergence of the Machine in Edwardian Writing

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