Event: Rural Modernity at MSA16

Ebenezer Howard's plan for the Garden City

Ebenezer Howard’s plan for the Garden City

Edwardian scholars may be interested in the following seminar, which will form part of the forthcoming Modernist Studies Association conference in Pittsburgh (for more information on the conference see here).

Rural Modernity (MSA Seminar, open to 15 participants all of whom present 5-7 page position papers in advance and discuss this work at the conference in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 6-9 November 2014). Kristin Bluemel, Organizer

This seminar invites participants to move beyond analysis of rural representation in modernist works to a theoretical formulation of rural modernity as an interpretive category. What is to be gained for twentieth-century arts and culture studies by shifting our attention from the modernization of the city to modernization of the country, by theorizing rural modernity in relation to existing theories of modernism, middlebrow, and modernity?
Invited participant: Ysanne Holt, Art History, Northumbria University.

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