In the Words of Arnold Bennett (5): Reconsidering Fundamental Opinions

A Melbourne Clog-Dan cer, 1894

A Melbourne Clog-Dancer, 1894

‘Edwin was staggered. The blood swept into his face, a hot tide. He was ravished, but he was also staggered. He did not know what to think of Florence, the champion female clog-dancer. He felt that she was wondrous; he felt that he could have gazed at her all night; but he felt that she had put him under the necessity of reconsidering some of his fundamental opinions.’ (Clayhanger, 1910)

This quotation is the fifth part of a series dedicated to the work of the great Edwardian writer Arnold Bennett (1867-1931), on whom we will be co-hosting a symposium (‘Arnold Bennett and His Circle’) at Keele University on 17th-18th October. More details here.

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