On Arnold Bennett (6): Jolly Gargoyles


‘Now the danger that dogs Mr. Bennett’s more sober achievements, built up with such Euclidean logic, tracing causes with such exquisite clarity, is that they may fail to convey the sense of the fantastic element in life, the untamed force that pounds through the fabric so incalculably, dishevelling and exalting the neat systems. Two and two make five in real life; in Clayhanger perhaps they too often add neatly up to four. It is this Gothic element in things that makes such a jolly gargoyle as The Grand Babylon Hotel a more faithful symbol of reality than some such sterner stuff; and it is this heightened irrational strain that one wants to see swaggering through the cool symmetry of Clayhanger like 0rgan-music throbbing through a church’ (Dixon Scott, review of The Card in The Manchester Guardian, 23rd February 23rd, 1911)

For more information on our upc0ming symposium (‘Arnold Bennett and His Circle’), see here (or e-mail us at edwardianculture@hotmail.co.uk for a draft programme of the day’s events).

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