Ten Edwardian Paintings from the Cartwright Hall Art Gallery


The Cartwight Hall in 1904

The Cartwight Hall Art Gallery in Bradford is one of the great Edwardian art galleries. It was designed by Simpson & Allen (whose other works included the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, 1901) and named in honour of the inventor Edmund Cartwright, inventor of the power loom and the combing machine, both of which had played a huge part in Bradford’s prosperous textile industry. The building was funded largely by Samuel Lister, a local industrialist, and opened in 1904, during Bradford’s exhibition of Art and Industry. The opening exhibition was a survey of British art which culminated in the work of local artists such as William Rothenstein, William Shackleton and Ernest Sichel. Several paintings were purchased with the proceeds of the Exhibition, chief among them Herbert Draper’s The Golden Fleece (1904). The gallery’s collection of Edwardian paintings is especially strong.

1.  A Child’s Funeral in the Highlands by Ernest Sichel, 1896

2. Amberley by William Shackleton, 1902

3. Flower, Fruit and Thorn Piece by William Rothenstein, 1900

4. The Song of the Shirt by Albert Rutherston, 1902

5. The Golden Fleece by Herbet James Draper, 1904

6. Panshanger Park by Spencer Gore, 1908

7. Children at the Seaside by Frank Gascoigne Heath, 1910

8. The End of the Chapter by Philip Wilson Steer, 1911

9 .Coast Scene by Walter Bayes, 1911

10. The Dunmow Road from Tilty Wood by Lucien Pissarro, 1915

See the full collection here.

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