CFP: ‘Movement’ for Exchanges


Still from Percy Smith’s ‘The Acrobatic Fly’ (1910 film)

Edwardian scholars may be interested in the following CFP:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Exchanges: The Warwick Research Journal  

Exchanges: The Warwick Research Journal is the peer-reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary research journal of the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), University of Warwick. We are inviting high-quality interdisciplinary submissions from researchers at all stages of their careers in all academic fields.

For the October 2017/ Fifth Anniversary edition of the Journal, we particularly welcome submissions which will contribute to a themed section on ‘Movement’. Pertinent to current debates within and across many disciplines, movement can be understood as action, motion, emotion, and mobility, ranging from physical, mental, mechanical, geographical, industrial to musical, artistic, social, cultural, and political. People (migration and displacement), commodities and capital (trade and trade agreements), ideas and information (communication, translation, and connectivity), and images (film and television) move, and they move in all directions. We are also interested in the lack of movement, stasis, stagnation, and standoff, for example.

‘Movement’ is a compelling subject for scholarship in cultural history and the History of Art. Submissions could explore the representation of movement in artworks and artistic practise which have varied across time and place. Artists dealt with the onset of modernity by embracing heady changes in speed, the machine, technology and transport in visual forms, whilst others privileged slowness. ‘Movement’ may also refer to key scholarly understandings of art, which are so often centred around the lives and impacts of groups of artists, art historical categories, trends and movements.

Topics might include, but are not restricted to:

  • Art history and the portrayal of movement, fluidity, speed, change, flux, travel, spontaneity, changeability or slowness
  • Movement and modernity
  • Art and time
  • Art movements and the canon
  • Impressionism
  • Art, photography, film
  • Art and social and cultural movements, cultures of protest, radicalism, the peace movement, images of freedom and emancipation
  • Art, spiritualities and energies

Submissions which do not engage with the theme ‘Movement’ are also welcome.

We publish a variety of content:

Conversation (3-5,000 words)

  • Interviews with leading academics
  • Articles (5-6,000 words)
  • Research articles
  • Review Articles (3-5,000 words)
  • Literature reviews
  • Critical Reflection (1-3,000 words)
  • Reflection on a conference, symposium or workshop
  • Shorter, focused discussion of emerging research
  • Highlights of important research in your field and its significance
  • Book reviews

Please submit online at by 31 May 2017.  If you have any queries, please email the Senior Editor, Dr Yuexi Liu, at

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