New Book: Edwardian Culture – Beyond the Garden Party


We are pleased to announce that Edwardian Culture: Beyond the Garden Party was published by Routledge today. It is the sixth book in the series Among the Victorians and the Modernists and contains fourteen essays and an afterword. The book is available directly from the publisher here. For more details see below.

Edwardian Culture: Beyond the Garden Party is the first truly interdisciplinary collection of essays dealing with culture in Britain c.1895-1914. Bringing together essays on literature, art, politics, religion, architecture, marketing, and imperial history, the study highlights the extent to which the culture and politics of Edwardian period were closely intertwined. The book builds upon recent scholarship that seeks to reclaim the term ‘Edwardian’ from prevalent, restrictive usages by venturing beyond the garden party – and the political rally – to uncover some of the terrain that lies between. The essays in the volume – which deal with both famous writers such as J. M. Barrie and Arnold Bennett, as well as many lesser-known figures – draw attention to the nuanced multiplicity of experience and cultural forms that existed during the period, and highlight the ways in which a closer examination of Edwardian culture complicates our definitions of ‘Victorian’ and ‘Modern’. The book argues that the Edwardian era, rather than constituting a coda to the Victorian period or a languid pause before modernism shook things up, possessed a compelling and creative tenor of its own.



Introduction: Venturing Beyond the Garden Party, Naomi Carle, Samuel Shaw and Sarah Shaw

  1. Dawn of the New Age: Edwardian and Neo-Edwardian Summer

Sarah Edwards


  1. Smog at the Garden Party: Atmospheric Pollution in Henry James’s The Wings of the Dove (1902)

Rebecca Barnes


  1. ‘Something of an Instructive and Interesting Tendency’: Reading, Leisure, Religion and Politics at York Friends’ Sewing Meeting

Sarah Shaw


  1. Bricks, Mortar, and Moonshine: Building Houses in the Edwardian Novel

Andrew Glazzard


  1. Rethinking Edwardian Advertising: The Case of Britain’s Railways

Alexander Medcalf


  1. The case of F.C.B Cadell: periodisation, taste and professional identity

Ysanne Holt


  1. Sharpening the Mind: The German Menace and Edwardian National Identity

Harry Wood


  1. Aliens at Prayer: Representing Jewish Life in the East End of London, c.1905

Samuel Shaw


  1. Educating Empire Builders: Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Ebb-Tide and the rise of the anti-imperialist adventure.

Naomi Carle


  1. Recovering Robert Ross: Criticism, Commerce and Networking in the Edwardian Art World

Sophie Hatchwell


  1. J. M. Barrie, Edwin Lutyens and the Development of Fantasy Architecture

David Frazer Lewis


  1. ‘A secret pleasure in being mastered’: Pleasure and Power in the work of J. M. Barrie

Sarah Green


  1. Sex and the Single Edwardian Girl: Sex and Censorship in the Edwardian Novel

Jonathan Wild


  1. A Conservative Ethic: A.R. Orage and T.E. Hulme, 1908-1916

Henry Mead


  1. Afterword

Simon J. James


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