The Edwardian Culture Network has been designed to bring together scholars working on various aspects of culture in Britain between the years 1895-1914. Often perceived, and frequently dismissed, as a period of ‘transition’ between the Victorian and the Modern, the Edwardian period is rarely considered seriously in its own right, and lacks the focussed critical attention that it deserves. The Edwardian Culture Network aims to address this omission in the following ways:

    • Establishing  a website which will provide a variety of up-to-date resources for all researchers working in this field (from post-graduate to professor), including: a list of participating scholars with descriptions of their research interests; frequently updated news on exhibitions, conferences and publications; links to various web resources, specialist bibliographies and timelines.
    • Running a series of conferences, bringing together all branches of the humanities, to explore the notion of Edwardian culture from a variety of angles.
    • Working towards creating an online journal.

If you work in the humanities and your research interests fall between the years 1895-1914, we would be delighted to hear from you. E-mail us at: edwardianculture@hotmail.co.uk, leave a comment below, or follow us on facebook. E-mail us if you are interested in having a book reviewed.

The Edwardian Culture Network was founded in 2011 and is currently run by the following team:

Dr. Samuel Shaw (Center for British Art, Yale University)
Dr. Sarah Shaw (Center for Modern Studies, University of York)
Dr. Naomi Carle (English, University of Durham)
Dr. Andrew Glazzard (Independent Researcher)
Dr. Harry Wood (King’s College, London)

[Last updated: April 2015]

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