‘Edwardian Encounters’ is the title of a series of short essays (c. 1000 words) on a single text (novel, poem, play, essay) or object (painting, building, sculpture) from the ‘long Edwardian Era’ (1895-1914).

The aim of the series is to draw attention to works that are less well-known, and to shed light on current research being done in the field. Researchers are encouraged to stage their discussion in any way they choose, from personal encounters to new theoretical perspectives.

If you are interested in contributing an essay to the series, please e-mail us at edwardianculture@hotmail.co.uk


Charles John Holmes, Red Ruin (1906)

Jacob Kramer: A Study in Resolvable Contradictions – by Helena Gurfinkel

Arnold Bennett, The Glimpse (1909) – by Paul Jordan

The Edwardian Bookplate – by Lauren O’Hagan

Richard Strauss in London in 1903 – by Neil Robson

Mary Ansell, Happy Houses (1912) – by Sarah Green

Charles John Holmes, Saddleback from the South-West (1911) – by Samuel Shaw

H. G. Wells and C. F. A Voysey, Spade House (1899-1900) – by Andrew Glazzard

Elizabeth von Arnim, The Caravaners (1909) – by Jennifer Walker

Charles Ricketts, A Fancy Dress Dinner Party‘ (1904) – by Samuel Shaw

Laurel Leaves and Swimming Pools: An Edwardian Postage Stamp (1905) – by Neil Robson

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