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Art Historiography Seminars at The Warburg Institute

Art Historiography Seminar

The Warburg Institute – The Burlington Magazine

Admission Free

This series investigates the changing histories of art produced by successive generations of art critics and art historians from the nineteenth century till the present. The seminar will explore the canonical formats of art-historical writing (connoisseurship, art criticism, and academic art history) but also aims to encourage discussion on how external factors shaped the construction of art history; it will include interpretations produced by museums, commercial galleries, auction houses and various types of art press. The series brings together scholars working on similar, often intersecting subjects, with the aim to share ideas and promote further research. Attendance to each seminar is free.

Lecture Room, The Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB
All seminars start at 16.30. Free entrance, without a readers’ ticket. Continue reading