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The Lloyd-Georgian period?

David Lloyd-George

David Lloyd-George

‘Today essentially belongs to the Minister who once presided at the Board of Trade. Several attempts indeed have been made to describe the literature, art and drama of the present as “Edwardian,” from a very proper and loyal spirit, to which I should be the last to object […] But somehow the whole thing has fallen through; in this dramatic aeon the adjective “Edwardian” trips on the tongue; our real dramatists are all Socialists or Radicals; our poets and writers Anarchists (Mr. Arthur Machen being an honourable exception); and our artists are the only conservatives of intellect. Our foreign policy alone can be called “Edwardian,” so personal is it to the King. Everything else is a compromise; so our time must therefore be known – at least ten years of it – as the Lloyd-Georgian period.’ (Robert Ross, Masques and Phases, London 1909)

CFP: The Journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen


The Friends of Arthur Machen are inviting submissions to their journal Faunus.

This hard-bound journal has appeared twice yearly since the inauguration of the Friends in the 1990s. It is a platform for discussion of Machen’s life and work, as well as original archival research and/or articles and pieces not easily available in any other form. It is not peer reviewed and has a tradition of accessible though rigorous scholarship. Articles of between 2,500 and 5,000 words are encouraged, although those falling outside of these parameters will certainly be considered. Contributors will receive copies of the relevant issue, which is also distributed to members of the Friends. For membership information, please see: http://www.arthurmachen.org.uk

For a list of contents to date, please see: http://www.philsp.com/homeville/fmi/b75.htm#A1278

Please contact James Machin at jmachi01@mail.bbk.ac.uk if you are interested in submitting or have any questions.