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Beyond the Garden Party: Introduction


‘A Corner of the Artist’s Room in Paris’ by Gwen John (1907-09)

[Many thanks to all those who attended ‘Beyond the Garden Party: Rethinking Edwardian Culture’ in Durham and York on the 12th and 13th of April. The text below formed part of the introduction given by the organisers on the opening day]

This conference is the inaugural event of the Edwardian Culture Network, which we founded in the summer of 2011. Our primary reason for creating the network was the simple fact that it didn’t already exist. One of the frustrating things about working on the Edwardian period is that you tend to find yourself either tacked onto the end of the Victorian era or incorporated into the beginnings of Modernism. Like many scholars in this field, we have found ourselves appearing at conferences organised by Victorianist and Modernist networks, and this raised the question: why isn’t there an Edwardian Network? The strict Edwardian period of 1901 to 1910, or what we’re calling the ‘long Edwardian era’, which spans 1895 through 1914, are years of rich and varied cultural, political, religious and social activity that deserve to be explored in their own right. To be sure, we don’t seek to compartmentalise the period 1895 to 1914 entirely, and it remains vital that there is on-going dialogue between Victorianists, Edwardianists, and Modernists. Yet it seemed to us that it was necessary to create a dedicated space for those working on Edwardian culture to come together and share their ideas: in person and on-line. Continue reading

Beyond the Garden Party: Update


As you may know, registration is now open for our inaugural conference ‘Beyond the Garden Party: Re-Thinking Edwardian Culture’. The fee for this two-day conference is only £10, which includes lunch on both days and a wine reception on the second day. A schedule can be found below. Accomodation and travel information can be found here. Registration will close at the end of March, so please register soon! Continue reading

Beyond the Garden Party: Conference Poster


As you are no doubt aware, registration is now open for our inaugural conference ‘Beyond the Garden Party: Re-thinking Edwardian Culture’ – and costs only £10 (something of a bargain, we think, for two days’ worth of exciting Edwardian scholarship). The image above is our conference poster: please feel free to download and distribute!

More information on the conference will follow shortly.

Call for Papers: Beyond the Garden Party: Re-thinking Edwardian Culture

Spencer Gore, ‘The Garden Path’, c.1910

CALL FOR PAPERS: Beyond the Garden Party: Re-thinking Edwardian Culture

It must have seemed like a long garden party on a golden afternoon – to those who were inside the garden. But a great deal that was important was going on outside the garden: it was out there that the twentieth-century world was being made. Nostalgia is a pleasing emotion, but it is also a simplifying one; to think of Edwardian England as a peaceful, opulent world before the flood is to misread the age and to misunderstand the changes that were dramatized by the First World War (Samuel Hynes, The Edwardian Turn of Mind).

More than forty years since Samuel Hynes wrote these words, many accounts and representations of Edwardian England still invoke the image of the garden party. Building on recent critical reappraisals, such as The Edwardian Sense (Yale 2010), and coinciding with the major Edwardian exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art, this interdisciplinary conference seeks to examine this notion, and to explore the alternatives. Was there such a thing as a distinct Edwardian culture; if so, what were the forces behind it?

We invite papers on any aspect of British culture between the years 1895-1914 (the ‘long Edwardian’ era). Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Edwardian Media: art, communication technologies, design, fashion, fiction, film, music, poetry, religion, theatre, and other forms of ‘high’ and ‘popular’ culture.
• Categorising the Edwardians: Victorianism/Edwardianism/Modernism/pre- and post-War/fin de siècle/the turn of the century. How useful is the term ‘Edwardian’?
• Revisionary Edwardians: challenging conventional notions of Edwardian writers, artists, and thinkers; fresh perspectives on famous Edwardians, and critical recoveries of neglected figures.
• Eclectic Edwardians: the catholicity of Edwardian taste and cultural products, the genre-hopping of Edwardian writers and artists, and Edwardian interdisciplinarity.
• Edwardian Afterlives: Edwardian nostalgia, Edwardian cultural afterlives, twenty-first-century visions of the Edwardians.
• The past and future of Edwardian studies; teaching the Edwardians.

‘Beyond the Garden Party: Re-thinking Edwardian Culture’ is the inaugural conference of the Edwardian Culture Network. The two-day conference will be joint-hosted by the Universities of York and Durham on 12th-13th April 2013. Speakers will be asked to state in which city they would prefer to give their paper.

Please send 300 word abstracts to edwardianculture@hotmail.co.uk by no later than Monday 3rd December 2012.