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Lord Dunsany, Call for Submissions

Lord Dunsany – Wanderer in Dream
Collected Essays

“Two players sat down to play a game together to while eternity away and
for their board they chose the sky from rim to rim, whereon lay a little
dust; and every speck of dust was a world upon the board of playing.”

Since the publication of The Gods of Pegāna in 1905, Lord Dunsany has
occupied a unique place in the cannon of fantasy literature. Beloved by
figures as diverse as H.P Lovecraft, Yeats and Jorge Borges he continues
to attract devotees and scholarly research in equal measure. This
collection of essays aims to address not only Dunsany’s works themselves
but also to relate them to wider critical, historical and theoretical
fields by publishing works that examine either Dunsany’s influences, his
presence in contemporary culture or his long-term effects upon literature. Continue reading