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Parade’s End Begins

‘This, Titejens thought, is England! A man and a maid walk through Kentish grass fields: the grass ripe for the scythe. The man honourable, clean, upright; the maid virtuous, clean, vigorous; he of good birth; she of birth quite as good; each filled with a too good breakfast that each could yet capably digest. Each come just from an admirably appointed establishment: a table surrounded by the best people, their promenade sanctioned, as it were, by the Chuch – two clergy – the State, two Government officials; by mothers, friends, old maids’ (Ford Madox Ford, Parade’s End)

The BBC adaptation of Ford Madox Ford’s tetralogy Parade’s End begins tonight at nine, on BBC 2.

See here for information regarding an academic conference on the book, to be held at the end of September.

Parade’s End Conference – Registration

Registration is now open for ‘Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End: Modernism and the First World War’, 27-29th September 2012 at the Institute of English Studies, University of London.

Highlights of the conference programme include:

 – Keynote address from Adam Piette (University of Sheffield), author of Imagination at War: British Fiction and Poetry 1939-1945 (1995) and The Literary Cold War, 1945 to Vietnam (2009).
 –  Q&A session with special guest Susanna White, BAFTA-award winning director of the forthcoming BBC/HBO adaptation of Parade’s End, scripted by Sir Tom Stoppard and starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall, Rupert Everett and Miranda Richardson.
 – Launch of the new critical editions of the Parade’s End tetralogy, published by Carcanet Press, and a round-table discussion with the editors of the four volumes: Max Saunders, Joseph Wiesenfarth, Sara Haslam and Paul Skinner.
Film screening of the 1964 BBC adaptation of Parade’s End, starring Judi Dench.
 – Over 30 speakers from the UK, Australia, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the USA.

For more details  please visit the conference website.

Rob Hawkes and Ashley Chantler (Conference Organisers)