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Some Challenges of an Edwardian Parlour Band

'Ida Sweet as Apple Cider' by Eddie Munson, 1916

‘Ida Sweet as Apple Cider’ by Eddie Munson, 1916 edition

[The following article was written by Patricia Hammond, a researcher and performer of Edwardian ragtime-parlour music.]

I have a band called Ragtime Parlour. We perform Edwardian music: songs to sing along to, songs to dance to, songs to listen to. As far as I know, we’re the only Edwardian band in London.

This is our biggest strength, and our biggest liability.

“Is it jazz?” the bookers ask.
“Not really. We can improvise,” I tell them, “And it’s a style that informed jazz, led to it.”
“But if it isn’t jazz, is it classical?”
“Classical music lovers always adore it,” I answer, truthfully.
“Yes but what can we call it?”
“But nobody knows what that is.” Continue reading