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On Arnold Bennett (2): Realism and Reality


‘My dear Sir,
The reading of the Man from the North has inspired me with the greatest respect for your artistic conscience. I am profoundly impressed with the achievement of style. The root of the matter – which is expression – is there, and the sacred fire too […] Generally, however, I may say that the die has not been struck hard enough. Here’s a piece of pure metal scrupulously shaped, with a true – and more – a beautiful ring: but the die has not been struck hard enough. I admit that the outlines of the design are sharp enough. What it wants is a more emphatic modelling; more relief […] Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have it out with you, the book there on the table, to be thumped and caressed. I would quarrel not with the truth of your conception but with the realism thereof. You stop just short of absolutely real because you are faithful to your dogmas of realism. Now realism in art will never approach reality. And your art, your gift, should be put to the service of a larger and freer faith’ (Joseph Conrad to Arnold Bennett, 10th March 1902)

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