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CFP: Rise and Fall of Victorian Biography


The Rise and Fall of Victorian Biography, 16th July

Keynote: Dr Trev Broughton, University of York.

Submissions are welcomed for ‘The Rise and Fall of Victorian Biography’, a postgraduate conference held at the University of Hull on the 16th July 2014, aimed at promoting Northern research in Victorian life-writing. We invite submissions from postgraduate students across the humanities on the theme of nineteenth-century biography. The conference will encompass a range of themes relating to the topic of life-writing, exploring the development of Victorian biography and the influence of biography on the Victorians. How did Victorian biographers respond to the legacy of eighteenth-century works like Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson? How did reading military biography and the lives of celebrities shape the literary landscape of the Victorian period?  Continue reading

CFP: Beyond the Victorian and Modernist Divide


Beyond the Victorian and Modernist Divide

International Conference

March, 27-28 2014, Rouen University

Organisation: Anne Besnault-Levita and Anne-Florence Gillard Estrada

Keynote speakers:
Professor Michael Bentley, University of St. Andrews
Professor Melba Cuddy-Keane, University of Toronto

Ezra Pound’s injunction to “make it new!” or Virginia Woolf’s “on or about 1910” statement have long been used in order no support a version of modernism as a strictly aesthetic revolution — or crisis — implying an essential break with Victorian art, culture and ideology. In the last decade, however, the crucial transition between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has been variously reassessed. In the wake of the new modernist studies and of the recent revaluations of the Victorian period, a growing body of scholarship now challenges traditional periodisation by examining the existence of overlaps and unexplored continuities between the Victorians, the post-Victorians and the modernists. Once separated by a critical and cultural break, Victorian and modernist scholars have become preoccupied with a similar search for cultural and aesthetic complexities that make it possible to move beyond doxic discourses and fixed dichotomies: the past and the present, outer life and inner life, materiality and spirituality, tradition and innovation, ideology and aesthetics. Continue reading

CFP: Nineteenth Century Numbers, BAVS Annual Conference

Edwardian scholars may be interested in the following CFP:

Nineteenth Century Numbers: British Association for Victorian Studies Annual Conference 2013

29-31 August 2013, Royal Holloway, University of London

‘The site of Mount Lee, Egham, consisting of ninety-five acres, was selected and conveyed to the trustees in May, 1876… [Royal Holloway] covers more ground than any other college in the world, forming a double quadrangle measuring 550 feet by 376 feet… The recreation hall, with its superb collection of pictures, cost upwards of £90,000… There are all modern sanitary appliances, and complete systems of electric and gas lighting, and steam heating… The College and Sanatorium together have cost considerably over one million sterling, the munificence of the benefactions being altogether without precedent in this country.’
– The Observer, 20 June 1886.

The BAVS conference 2013 will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London which was founded by the Victorian entrepreneur and philanthropist Thomas Holloway at Egham, Surrey in 1886. The College and the nearby former Holloway Sanatorium are products of surplus wealth accumulated in the course of Holloway’s activities as financier, in the large-scale manufacture of patent medicines, and in mass marketing – including advertising to Britain’s overseas colonies. While its theme reflects these institutional origins, the Conference aims to explore the relevance of numbers to nineteenth-century studies in a wide variety of ways. We welcome proposals for papers and panels which speak to the interdisciplinary conference theme broadly and innovatively. Continue reading

Victorian Humanity and its Others

The following CFP may be of interest to Edwardian scholars:

“Victorian Humanity and its Others: An International Conference” CFP (VSAWC 2013)

The Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada invites proposals for a conference on Victorian Humanity and its Others. The conference, hosted by the University of the Fraser Valley and Douglas College, will take place 27-28 April 2013 at the Coast Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, located right near English Bay and the beautiful Stanley Park seawall walk.

We seek proposals for papers that examine the theme of humanity and its others in Victorian culture and society. We warmly welcome papers from the perspectives of history and art history, literary studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity studies, animal studies, and science. Papers will address Victorian definitions, expressions, and contestations of humanity and its others, as well as the way these definitions and debates were shaped by new developments in natural science, anthropology, religion, technology, and industry. Continue reading

Call for Papers: Other Worlds

The following Call for Papers may be of interest to Edwardian scholars:

Other Worlds
Victorian Network Conference
3 Dec 2012
Keynote Speakers: Dr John Holmes (Reading) and Professor Cora Kaplan (KCL)

From other lands to other planets to other dimensions, the nineteenth-century imagination thrived on the idea of ‘elsewhere’. Alongside a developing rhetoric of geographically and intellectually bounded identities grew a fascination with alterity. Other Worlds seeks to explore the many ways in which Victorians looked beyond their quotidian spheres to imagined alternatives. We invite submissions which explore nineteenth-century modes of thought which position themselves as other, alternative, transcendent, secret or hidden.
Continue reading