The timelines on this site are an attempt to highlight the major political and cultural events of the years 1895-1914. They are by no means definitive or canonical; aiming instead at a representative selection, gleaned from various texts.  Additions to the timeline are especially welcome: please leave suggestions in the comments box below.

Key Events

January – Frederick Temple becomes Archbishop of Canterbury.
May – Marconi sends first wireless communication over open sea.
July-August – Seige of Malakand.
August – Foundation of the Royal Automobile Club.


Isaac Pitman.
Richard Holt Hutton.


The Spoils of Poynton – Henry James.
What Maisie Knew – Henry James.
Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’ – Joseph Conrad.
The Beth Book – Sarah Grand.
Liza of Lambeth – Somerset Maugham.
Admirals All – Henry Newbolt.
Sexual Inversion – Havelock Ellis (English translation).
Dracula – Bram Stoker.
The Beetle – Richard Marsh.

Art & Architecture

Opening of the Tate Gallery (July).
Lancaster, Stewart and Rickards win commission for Cardiff City Hall.

Ali Baba – Aubrey Beardsley.
Christ the Comforter – John Byam Shaw.
Solomon – Frank Dicksee.
Portrait of John Ruskin – William Gersham Collingwood.

Monument to Queen Victoria, Calcutta [completed in 1901]



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