The timelines on this site are an attempt to highlight the major political and cultural events of the years 1895-1914. They are by no means definitive or canonical; aiming instead at a representative selection, gleaned from various texts.  Additions to the timeline are especially welcome: please leave suggestions in the comments box below.

Key Events

Education (Administrative Provisions) Act introduces medical inspection of school children.
Women allowed to become local and county councillors.
Boy Scouts founded by Baden-Powell.
First of the ‘Camden Town’ murders.
Anglo-Russian entente.
M.K.Gandhi begins civil disobedience in South Africa.
Deceased Wife’s Sister’s Marriage Act passed.


Edvard Grieg.
Francis Thompson.


The Secret Agent – Joseph Conrad
The Longest Journey – E. M. Forster
Father and Son – Edmund Gosse
Three Weeks – Elinor Glyn
The Convert – Elizabeth Robins
The Grim Smile of the Five Towns – Arnold Bennett

Kipling wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Nation founded.

Art & Architecture

Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs the Glasgow School of Art.
First exhibition of the Modern Society of Portrait Painters.
Walter Sickert, Spenser Gore and Harold Gilman found the Fitzroy Street Group.
Completion of Chelsea Public Baths (designed by Wills and Anderson).
Pablo Picasso paints Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in Paris.


Edward VII – A S Cope.
Les Demoiselles d’Avignon – Pablo Picasso.
The Birdcage – Henry Tonks.



Elgar, The Wand of Youth

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